Monday, December 12, 2011

Should we create laws limiting the maximum amount of property gang members can have

Imagine this, you work hard your entire life, then one day, the organized crime want your money, so, they break into your house in great number tie you up and hold a gun to your head, telling you that you must sign the deed of your three houses, all of your money and ownership to your restaurant to them, or they will put two bullets in your head and to prove they mean business, they put two bullets into your daughter's head first. Without a choice, you sign everything you work hard for, your entire life to them. Now, you got nothing. These are stuff that should not be happening. 

Another fact, gangsters frequently create company to be use as a front for their criminal activities.

So, to put restrain on gang's criminal activity and to protect our property, do you believe we should create a law, that limited the maximum amount of property and money that a gang member is allow to have?

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