Saturday, December 31, 2011

Video of Taipei 2012 New Year eve Fire work

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Video of Berlin Germany Fireworks New year 2012


New Year Eve Fire work Dubai 2012

Video of New Year eve fire work 2012 London

Video of New Year eve fire work 2012 Sydney

Is this a declaration of war?

A few years ago in Australia, there was a case where a major bikie gang, openly attacked a police station. The police hold off the attack and then force the gang to retreat, with reinforcment from other police stations. While the Australia governent didn't do so, In my opinion what this biki gang did can be consider as a declaration of war on the state and if I'm in charge of Australia. I'll use this as excuse to declare this gang as enemy of the state and send in commandos, F16 and special forces, to wipe them out, if I have to. What is your opinion on this?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lotto Winner Fights for Food Stamps

Man wins lottery, leaves wife

Should we create laws limiting the maximum amount of property gang members can have

Imagine this, you work hard your entire life, then one day, the organized crime want your money, so, they break into your house in great number tie you up and hold a gun to your head, telling you that you must sign the deed of your three houses, all of your money and ownership to your restaurant to them, or they will put two bullets in your head and to prove they mean business, they put two bullets into your daughter's head first. Without a choice, you sign everything you work hard for, your entire life to them. Now, you got nothing. These are stuff that should not be happening. 

Another fact, gangsters frequently create company to be use as a front for their criminal activities.

So, to put restrain on gang's criminal activity and to protect our property, do you believe we should create a law, that limited the maximum amount of property and money that a gang member is allow to have?

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Hey guys,

Because all my blogs are connected to google, I can use it to see, the number of viewership I get from every country in the world!!! :)

Anyway, I find this exciting so, I want to share it with you.  This is the number I get from the past week


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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Relationship adviced I gave (Love Triangle)

Hi, below is a piece of relatioship advice I gave to a person on this other website

The person asked
She's my college junior but we meet rarely as she has a boyfriend. we talk a lot thru texts.
she discusses her problems wid me bout her sour relationship with her 2 yr. serious boyfriend from her same community. she tells me what if she dumps him , she'll be all alone. we practically share every thing but through texts only. she never calls me and if somtime I call her up she never answers. its been 6 months since I knw her and we have barely talked on phn. for 2-3 times. I really like her and she is totally my type. what should I do. I can't ask her out coz she has a bf. I don't even knw is she likes me like that n I dnt wanna ruin my frndship also. plz. help. thnx

My Response is

Oh boy, this type of love triangle is always problematic. In general sense, it is not a good idea to give relatioship advice to girls you have romantic feeling towards, because it is difficult to be objective, therefore difficult to give good advice.

You have to understand one thing about girls, a lot of girls choose to get and stay into a relatioship for the wrong reason. I once met a girl who is in a relatioship, with a guy she don't love, because she felt obligated to be with him, but she really love somebody else. I also once met a girl, who choose to stay in a relatioship where her boyfriend decided to married somebody else and want to keep dating her afterwards, she find it hard to leave the relationship, because she have low self esteem and fear not been able to get another guy afterwards. The truth is, (and I am not trying to be sexist here) when it come to relationship, girls frequently have their head in the sand and don't even know what they want and don't even understand their own feelings, mostly because they are been taught a distorted perspective about love and marriagae since a young age, for example, a lot of woman believe having a second class man, is better then having no man at all. Some even believe having a man that bash her up is better then having no man.

In this instant, I give these advice (1) Tell her that it is alright to be along, sometime been along is better then been with the wrong person. (2) Tell her that in a relationship it is important for her to be honest with herself and her partner, she can't avoid her problems, she must have the courage to deal with it in the most appropriate manner possible and try to create the best solution for it, it can be that they should break up, it can be that they should talk and work things out by making some changes. (3) Remind her that a relatioship is about two people and whether they are compatable for each other's word, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be and even if there are problem, it is all easy to deal with, if it is not meant to be, then it is not meant to be, it is better to end it early then to stay in an unhappy relationship, as those relationship are just distructive to everyone involved. (4) but most important of all, tell her to always be honest with herself and be herself. You should not really give any other advice, other then these I told you, because by feel romantic towards her, it is hard for you to see things objectively in all these.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The sins of our Western attitude towards royalty

s an Asian, my understanding towards British monarchy, from our perspective, is they are sinful.

Many Western believe in regards to royalty and relationship between royal and none royal are consider to be problematic an d sinful in Eastern ideologies.

Since as far back as history can record (5000years ago), the Eastern world, believe a nation is common property of the people, therefore policy must be set in public interest, this ideology was furture reinforce by Confouscious ideology, while talking about the ethic of a King's rule, saying the King must respect the fact that the nation is common property of all and therefore the King is a public servent and should rule in public interest. (It is also one of the reason, why democracy spread like wild fire, after it was introduce to the east) In prior to introducing democratic goverment structure, rulers (Emperors) who failed to rule in public interest are remove from office, if able via legal mean, if not, by force. (e.g. revolt) When an Emperor is removed by force, the new Emperor the people choose, usually have no blood tie to the previous royal family. We also believe what is relevant to determine if a person is better then another, is determine by a his/her action. Race, religion, royality or even if he is a king, is irrelevant, as a result, unlike in the west, marriage between royal and none royal is the norm. Kings usually insist for Princess to marrie upper class, but not necessary royality, Princess frequently marry senator or knights or their children or grand children, otherwise respect scholars, wealthy businessman's family and sometime royalty of another nation. Prince marrie woman of all class, historically very few Asian Queens came from a royal family and Queen born from a working class family, are common.

So you can see why from Eastern point of view, many ways of Britsh royals historically, can be seen as sinful. E.g. 'divin right of the king", "king is god's given right", "royals to better then none royals simply because they are royals"(How dare they! Jesus' head apprentice Peter isn't royal, are the royals better then him, too?), refer to royal and none royal relationship as "royal and commeners", royal and none royal should not wed. While Gen Y royals are normal, these sinful believe still have some hold over older royals,

(Example that support these sin still might have a hold over older royals, include the fact they still insist for us to refer to them as "Your royal highness" and can't forget the word "royal" in it. Political figure have title too "usually is your honor or your excellency" but apart from former document or in court, we do not refer to them that way. The only royals who don't insist for people to refer to them as "Your highness" are gen Y royals)

Many Asians who first came to the West, (including myself) was shocked and suprise, by the fact, that there are western nation with this sort of believe and was even more suprise by the fact UK is one of them (although, I did heard a rumor saying that Prince Chales wanted Princess Diana to refer to him as "sir", when they were married, if that is true, I guess we now know why.), The reason most Asian would find it to be so shocking, is because, firstly, democratic government structure is invented by the west, secondly, the fact that, under America's leadership, the West stood firm again communism and stood firm to supprt freedom during the cold war and thirdly, unlike in Asia, the west never have the custom saying a person need to kneel in front of the Emperor and is not allow to see the Emperor's face until the Emperor allow (in Japan, such custom, is not abolish until after WW2). When you put all these factors into consideration, no Asians who do not live in the west or are not specialist in understanding the west, could imagin the west having these problematic ideology. Once coming to the west, many Asians were shocked by the fact the west have these problematic ideologies in regards to royalty and sicken by it, even more. While the west have greatly improved since the introducing of constutional monarchy and the revival of democratic government sturcture and these problematic behavior no longer exist amount Gen Y royals, many work still need to be done, example that reflect that, is that, even today, royal and none royal relationship are still been refer to as "Royal and commoners", considering royalty is irrelevant to determine whether a person is better then other, it mean royals and none royals are equals therefore the referral of "Royal and commoners" are naturally inappropriate, as the royals are also commoners, like us.