Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 Things You Can Create With Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time for family gathering, giving thanks and feasts of plenty. It is also a time for turkey, which means leftovers of plenty as well.

Before you toss that leftover turkey in the trash try out a few of the tips listed below, they are sure to give you a little something more to be thankful for this holiday season.

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White Asian Pop Star Ming-En Chamberlain/Corrina Chamberlain live performance: Going home

Asian MTV: it is all my fault

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Novel: Hailey's story: Novel: Hailey's Story Chapter 10

Novel: Hailey's story: Novel: Hailey's Story Chapter 10: ~Two and a half month later, Wednesday afternoon, 14th September, Gold Coast Sam was sitting in the kitchen, of his restaurant. Nichole le...

Try Window Azure Platform Trailer

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Power Rangers Samurai the Video Game

Jennifer Lopez's love triangle scandal

Jealous Marc’s trying to woo her back, dancer Casper is pulling his best moves and Bradley’s staking his claim by showering her with gifts…who will win her heart?

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Hi, try play this game online (Sudden Attack)

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A trick to get your kid to eat drink water when they are sick54

Usually, when your children are sick, it would be a good idea to get them to drink a lot of water (and not any water, but plan water) this is especially the case during the first day, because you try wash out the virus, within their body, before they even have an opportunity to multiplie within the children's body.

But sometime, it might be difficult to get some children to drink large quantity of water and giving them a beating won't necessary help, especially if the kid is ill it might not be a good idea to slap your kids, under such circumstances. In this instant try this trick. Add two tea spoon of sugar into ever sizable glass of water, that you want your kids to drink. Your children would love it, because it is sweet and they would gulp in down so quickly and ask you for more :)

It work with my dog, my neighbour's kids and cousin's kids too (I told them to try it this way), so maybe, this would work with your kids too. :)

Website where you can ask a Pediatrics question online

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asian MTV: Mulan (Theme song for the movie, Mulan the Great)

Hilary Duff Kissing Another Girl on Gossip Girl 720p HD

Ellen's Hilarious Scare Montage

An Unbelievable Young Singer Impresses Ellen

Ellen Learns to Belly Dance

Ellen in a Biber Video

Katy Perry Talks About Having Babies

Funny Video Two & a Half Man's Jon Cryer (Alan Harper) taking a temp job

Asian Dramas: They kiss again Episode 7

Asian Dramas: They kiss again Episode 7

Bad Beauty Habits To Break

Monday, November 14, 2011

A survey asking people whether they sustain injury within the past 6 month show the following result

A fracture
418 votes

A dislocation, sprain, strain, torn muscle or ligament
1945 votes

An internal injury
232 votes

A serious cut, open wound or bruising
1155 votes

A serious burn or scald
386 votes

A concussion
189 votes

133 votes

Poisoning such as from food, toxic substances, gases or medications
271 votes

Another injury of a serious nature
317 votes

2688 votes

I did not sustain an injury
4461 votes

Total Votes:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Asian MTV: Just want you to know

Drawing Skeleton/Zombie/Vampire for Halloween

How to Draw Cartoon Mutant In Action Pose

How To Draw Cartoon Magical Beast & Drawing Contest?

55% of evening dress

Don't you just hate having to go to those places where you need to dress up and wear those expensive cloth, where you know you might only wear once?

I do, I hate it, that is why I didn't even went to my year twelve formal, no way in hell I am going to buy a one time monkey suit.

But unfortunetly, sometime we just need to wear those stupid thing. For guys, it is easier, we, for girls much harder, so I am going to show you a website where you can buy, female evening dress with 55% discount below

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Corinna Chamberlain: Christmas performance

Corinna Chamberlain: Life performance Malaysia

Friday, November 11, 2011

Twilight Breaking Dawn Inspired Makeup

Girl Band Beauty 4 MV Healthy Break up

Here is something about this band you probably don't expect. Althought it is a Taiwanese girl band, only the black girl and the white girl with red hair are Taiwanese, the only Asian within the group is an American and the Blond white girl is also an exchange student to Taiwan from oversea

Taiwanese girl band Beauty 4 MV (Love Love Love)

The history of the Univesity of New South Wales

The University was incorporated by Act of the Parliament of New South Wales in Sydney in 1949, but its character and idea can be traced back to the formation of the Sydney Mechanics Institute in 1843, leading to the formation of the Sydney Technical College in 1878. The Institute sought ‘the diffusion of scientific and special knowledge’, the College sought to apply and teach it.

Commenced as The New South Wales University of Technology, the University’s international context is that of the Australian recognition of that scientific and technological impulse in tertiary education that produced the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Berlin University of Technology. It acknowledged at university level that profound development in human knowledge and concern that had impelled the nineteenth century industrial and scientific revolution.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

jay Chou MTV: My wife

Jay Chou MTV: God moves the other way

Jay Chou MTV: Can't say it

Download computer game "Soinc the hedgehog" Online here

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Jay Chou MTV: Tornado

NBA 2K12 Momentous Trailer

Jay Chou MTV: Cute girl

Jay Chou MTV

Jay Chou MTV: Black Humor

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Asian MTV: Sand Panting Cindy Yen & Jay Chou

Mini short horror film: Crush the skull

Funny Video: We broke up

Jay Chou MTV-Dragon Fist

Amy Jo Johnson - Cat In The Snow

Amy Jo Johnson - Splashin Rain

Amy Jo Johnson - Dancing In-between

Amy Jo Johnson - Puddle Of Grace

Amy Jo Johnson - Since You're Gone

Amy Jo Johnson - Goodbye

Amy Jo Johnson - Purple Skies

Pop song Simple Man