Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Documentary Video: The life of the Chinese Emperors

While Chinese Emperors historically has been a lot more powerful then Western Kings, due to the fact, Chinese Emperors gain their power via a unshakable constitute, of its nation. In reality, Chinese Emperors has historically been a much more difficult job to do then western Kings.

Unlike in the west, which believe in the concept of King is God's given right and can get away for putting their own interest ahead of the people, especially during the middle and dark ages, most Asian cultures, traditionally believe for the nation to be rightfully the property of the people, disregards to circumstances, therefore the policy of the nation must be set in public interest. As the rulers of the nation, the people expect the Emperor to rule in public interest, in many way, the people see and have expetation from their Emperors, same as we expect from a Prime Minister and President today. In fact, because it is a dictatorship government structure, the people expect even more from their Emperors, then people today, expect from a President and slip up is frown upon and when the people feel the Emperor has failed their duty, they risk loosing their thrown all together, sometime via revolt.

Asian Emperors dedicate their entire life, to their people and their country and prioitizing the people ahead of the crown and the power of the monarchy.

Chinese Emperors, are also expected to have supurb skills in both body and soul. Not only must they be great warriors, but even more then are expect to have great knowledge and wisdom in many arena. Chinese Emperors historically, have supurb knowledge in many aspect of studies, equivilant to the standard of a modern Phd, includ knowledge in the area of, Math, economic, science, civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, philosphy, literature, medicine and psychology. Most Chinese Emperors in history, are known also to be great doctors and during the time of plague, the Emperors frequently personally lead the medical team and also stay on the front line, curing the sick. After the eighteen century, due to increase interaction throughout the world, Chinese Emperors also started studying knowledge from middle east, Africa and the west.

By nineteen century, Emperor Gong Shi's god mother Ci Xi seize power, by winning the loyalty of the military, turning the Emperor and the Senate into a puppet. Ci Xi policy set the interest of securing her own power, ahead of the interest of the people, destroying China's thousand of years of tradition. The butterfly affect, turn China into a backwards nation and with a corrupt government. Gong Shi took on the traditional role of a Chinese Empeoror and try to challenge Ci Xi's corrupt rule, only to have himself and the senators that support him been label as traitors by Ci Xi and her man. Leading to the CHinese to revolt to overthrow Ci Xi's government and establish a Republic.

The video below talk about the typical day, of a Chinese Emperor, during the days of Kings in China

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