Friday, October 21, 2011

My opinion towards the Bachelorette final

Ok, just to make it clear this is just an opinion, only, do not take it as fact.

But, right from the beginning I never understand why would any man want to go onto program of this nature. Personally I understand why woman would want to go onto these shows, for a lot of woman, getting married, finding the right guy and have kid, is something that is highly important in their life, but as a guy my self, I am quiet certain, relationship is not something highly valued by a lot of guys, a lot of people can even go to the extend of not caring and with the additional influence of post modern culture, which no longer value marriage, Gen Y male, have been satistcally proven to be the laziest lovers of all existing generations. As a result of all these, I just find it difficult to understand why any male would want to go through the entire process of been pick by a single woman, sure this chick in the show is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and will as a result, encourage guy to come onto this show, but still it is not like she is the only hot chick in the world, there are plenty more where that is coming from. Of course the possibility of been on TV, may be pretty tempting for some people and that mght encourage some people to come onto this show, but what is going through those gentlment's mind, is something I guess only they would know.

I never watch the show, but skim through the final episode during a commercial break, while I was watching another program, on another channel and quiet to my suprise, on that last episode, they are already proposing and later onwards the girl is already planning to move to another city, to live with him. That suprise the life out of me, because they have only been dating for less then one year!!! In my opinion, you should never consider getting engage, until you guys have been dating for at least three years. Living together soon after dating, might not be a negative thing, but moving to another city to live with a guy or girl, is something you should not do unless you dated for at least two years, considering such move is a very big change. Personally, I would not even allow a girl to make such big change for me, if we have only been dating for such short period of time and there is no way in hell I would make radical changes like this for any girl, under such circumstances I would say "We have not been dating for long enough to for either one of us to move to another city for either one of us, we should either break up or try long distance and if long distance fail then we should break up, it is the right choice to make." and if any of you reading this article would say "Well, what if she is the one? You are going to let the one slip through your finger just like that?" Well, my answer is simple "Sooner or later, another person who is also qualify as the one, would come along and if for some odd reason, it didn't come along, there is no law saying I have to get married, so if another the one did not come along, I can just remain single, I do not need to make compremise to settle for less, because there is no law saying I must get married either" (Speaking about marriage, my mum is nagging me to find a girl and settle down on a 24/7 basis, it is driving me nuts) But on this show, the girl is planning to move to another city for the guy, man, in my opinion that is just plan crazy!!! I sure hope he is worth it.

Also, I must say, what that guy did proposing to the girl, when they have been together for such short period of time...there is no way in hell I am able to do it. In fact my idea of a perfect comitted relationship, is one that do not require a wedding ring, until you and your partner have been together for twenty years and have children together and at lease the oldest is over eighteen years old!!! Then we can talk about getting married.

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